Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. –Sam Keen

I think this quote is quite perfect for a list of simple summer pleasures, don’t you? When the days are long and hot, there is nothing like doing absolutely nothing at all. And there is no other season that you can get away with doing nothing quite like you can in the summer.

Beverly and I were discussing how quickly summer goes by, and how one never seems to enjoy it as much as possible before the chill of fall begins to creep in. So, we asked our faithful blog readers and our Facebook fan page friends to tell us what their favorite simple summer pleasure was. We’ve compiled all the comments into one handy-dandy checklist so that none of us lets summer slip by.

So, without further ado, here it is, the Create & Decorate Guide to Simple Summer Pleasures! Every time you enjoy one of these activities, check if off the list, and bask in the glory of knowing that you are squeezing every last drop of summer. Enjoy! 🙂

Sleeping in a little later

Making dinner on the grill

Longer days

Sitting outside at night

Watching lightning bugs

Sipping lemonade/iced tea/iced coffee/wine/heck, even a margarita (come on, let loose!)

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows

Enjoying the days without a schedule

Watching parades

Carnivals and fairs—and corn dogs

Swimming—daytime or night!

Ice cream—once a day, every day!

Picking veggies from the garden, or picking some up from a local farmstand

Canning and freezing fresh vegetables and fruit to enjoy all winter long

Smell of freshly mowed grass and hay fields

Hanging clothes on the line to dry, then bringing them in, smelling of warm sunshine

Family gatherings and barbecues (this includes all the trimmings—duh!)

No jackets

The sounds of crickets and frogs at night

Hiking and fishing


Summer reading (bonus if you read in the hammock!)


Walking outside in bare feet

Acting like a kid

Lying on the grass, finding shapes in the clouds

Watching the night sky

Sleeping with the windows open


And don’t think we forgot! We also chose a winner of Summer, A User’s Guide by Suzanne Brown. Congratulations to Kim Sibley Dilney!

Now get outside and enjoy summer! Go on…shoo!


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