“What is it?” #19 – The answer

We wondered if many of you surfed the internet to try to gain insight as to what this item was. I honestly didn’t know what it was when I picked it up at a yard sale. Of course, I eagerly paid 10 cents and later went online to try and reference the gadget. The piece has markings on the front stating that it was manufactured by Parplus Metal Products in West Haven, Connecticut, and gives the patent number. The information that I found was that this piece was manufactured circa 1920-1930. The purpose, I read, was to ball fruit and, possibly core. Although Noelle and I think that the base (which is approximately 1 1/2″) looks a bit large for coring purposes. Who knows… perhaps apples were larger back in the 1920s? We are sharing several views with you so that you can see that the wooden sliding mechanism within the handle  controls the scoop action within the base. THIS is why we love to go junking… what an education!

Sadly, Noelle and I really do not see any type of convenience that this tool has to offer. It is just over 6″ long, and the mechanism only moves up and down by you. I think that must have been the demise of this invention… it is much easier just to use a spoon! 🙂

What fun this one was! See all of the terrific guesses in the original post below. (wow, Tina for actually knowing what it was! Please let us know HOW you knew what it was?) Please everyone, visit again on Monday to see who our lucky guesser is, and what sort of prize we will be mailing out to our randomly drawn winner! Noelle and I are both out of the office today (we each took a vacation day for this sunny summer day), so we can’t show you the prize, but we wanted to make sure to give you the answer to the puzzle today… see how loyal we are to our readers? Happy weekend!


11 thoughts on ““What is it?” #19 – The answer

  1. We found this parplus stainless steel pat number 1638798 from west haven conn. .My husband was a dairy farmer years ago and in a box in the barn he found this. He thought I would know what this was used for. No problem I will goggle it and find out.I don’t have an answer but your idea was pretty close. I told my husband that it could be a donut hole maker. Haha but no I doubt that as well. I guess whatever it was used for wasn’t you very much because its in really good condition thanks for the information I appreciate your blog.

  2. I bought one at my local antique store here in MN called Exit %% antiques… blog pasttime antiques and collectibles. I wondered what it was and was looking online when I found this site telling me. Thank you! I had never seen one before and we had figured it was for coring something our guess was for peaches. It is a cool attention getter for my collection ;>) Love it! not a common find like rolling pins. Mine was $6.00 however ;>(

  3. VERY cool kitchen tool! I have never seen one of these. I need to hunt one down to hang on my rack of kitchen gadgets!

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