“What is it?” #21 -The answer

We decided to be kinder to you, and held off on our tricky photography this week. Many, many of you knew that our vintage item is indeed another kitchen utensil: the Wizard Jar Wrench. We always love reading your comments, but even more so when they conjure up your vivid memories of family moments. We bet more than half of you watched or helped your mother or grandmother use one of these in the kitchen. Much like yummy smells, so many good memories always seem to emanate from the kitchen, don’t they? (Side note from Noelle: The jam in the photo is Blueberry Peach, and it was made by Beverly herself. I was lucky enough to receive two jars of it, and take no shame in heaping it on top of an English Muffin until you can’t even tell it’s an English Muffin anymore, or, let’s be realistic, eating it right out of the jar. Now that’s going to be a good memory!)


5 thoughts on ““What is it?” #21 -The answer

  1. Yeah, I finally knew something right? My grandmother used to can a lot when I was a little girl…tomatoes, pickle relish, all kinds of stuff…yuuummy!!

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