The best unintentions



hoarder, collector, accumulator, gatherer

I told Noelle today that I have jokingly been accused twice this past week of being a hoarder. Of course I do not want to be thought of as a hoarder! However, I do love to collect vintage treasures. Mostly, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. For me, summertime is synonymous with Saturday morning yard sales. After searching garage sales online, and mapping out my course the evening before, I am up and out of the house early Saturday mornings. However, today I had no intention of going to yard sales. Seriously. My agenda was to go into town to buy pickling spices since the garden cucumber plants are making my husband proud. I only needed a few spices, and the jars were at the ready on the table.  


You already know the conclusion of my story.


 I couldn’t help myself.

Coincidentally, I found a (very timely) large, cold canning pot (complete with original label!). Among my various finds are wonderful fabrics and wool, super buttons that the previous owner carded for the sale (how convenient!), an old floral embossed tin with a hinged lid, a sizeable roll of binding that I plan to use as trim, a wooden slat strawberry basket, a small canning jar filled with buttons and accented with a counted cross stitch teapot motif within it’s top, a small glass flowerpot that I am nearly certain is jadeite ($1.00!), a vintage Christmas table cloth purchased from a kind, older woman, who was wise and knew she needed to clean out (I wonder who the lucky ones will be when I do the same?). Maybe just a little dust collecting will occur on my newly found treasures, but the hand-stitched handkerchiefs will decorate basket edges, the hobnail glass (also only $1.00!) will soon hold cut flowers from my kitchen garden, and the Anchor Hocking jars may be used to hold gifts of wrapped candies or cookies this holiday season. And, if you use the childhood game of ‘Memory’, and mentally record the images from this photo, I am certain you will spot some of them on the pages of upcoming issues of Create & Decorate magazine.

Oh, and yes, the pickles are pickling.


11 thoughts on “The best unintentions

  1. Your post cracked me up, hehe! Just look at all that you would have missed out on if you hadn’t stopped by that sale. Awesome vintage pieces, great haul you did there girl!! =]

  2. You are a kindred spirit, Beverly! Looking for all those treasures is like hunting without a gun! You had a successful day!!!

  3. Well, Beverly, I think you certainly have a validated your reasons for each and every purchase! Great finds, by the way! 🙂

    Just as I have perfectly good reasons for buying the the things I found at the World’s Longest Yard Sale today: a #2 crock with a crown stamp, 3 vintage books, 2 Bluejay Spelling and Dictation tablets, 1 Victorian waxed flower wedding headpiece, several pieces of vintage crocheted lace, linen towel with blue stripe, assorted vintage collars, old aqua lace trim, 5 vintage gilt wood frames, 4 vintage glass dome paperweights, and 1 dark teal marble (I think) egg.

    Hello, my name is Lana and I am a hoarder….. 😉

    • Hi Lana, thank you for not leaving me alone in the club! Soooo jealous that you were able to go to the World’s Longest Yard Sale! Wait ’til Noelle hears that! (It’s on our list!)

      • Next year, if you come to (or near) Jamestown, TN where it originated, I’ll gladly be your tour guide! I know the owners of a lovely (former) B&B where you can stay. 🙂

  4. You had fun. My finds weren’t that prolific, but did bargain on some blue ball jars and lids. Whenever I see jars of buttons, they want so much for them, but did buy a box full a few weeks ago for five bucks. Your little flower pot may be an Acro Agate piece. I have one similar, in my favorite jadite color. I’m looking forward to seeing some of this stuff in a future magazine. Karen

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