What is it #24 – The Answer

     Well, better late than never! Our office building had an altercation with an angry electrical storm last night, and we were not able to use the internet at work today. So, I brought the image home to post for you, friends. Noelle and I know you’ve been patiently wondering if we forgot about posting the answer!

     You were sooo smart this week – many of you knew that, indeed, our puzzle piece belonged to a vintage thermos. And yes, we did have the screw cap lid on the top for the photo. We believe that lid was the biggest hint we gave you. Many of you probably brought soup to school in a smaller version of this thermos. I remember breaking several milk thermoses throughout my school years. I also remember breaking the casters on the legs of my bed. Not that I was jumping on my bed like it was a trampoline. I don’t know why my mother yelled at me like I was. 🙂

If you would like to read the guesses, click here, and scroll to the bottom of the original post. Happy weekend!


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