“What is it?” Wednesday #25

Happy 25th anniversary of our silly game! We MAY have made this a difficult one. (Devious little smirks are on our faces.)

Take a gander, leave us a guess as to what this item is, and we will see you this Friday for the answer!


27 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #25

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  2. Look’s like bottom of Vase,I’d say plate,saucer,but that’s to easy,,,,hmmmm,,glad don’t have any money on this,,,,..hmmmthis sneaky,,lol,lol, “Cookie’

  3. Oh, you girls are sneaky!!! I’m going to have to brush up on my vintage trivia!
    Hmmm, is it a milk glass fruit jar lid insert?
    Or maybe the bottom of a mixing bowl?

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