“What is it?” Wednesday #26

Well, we have managed to get through the hurricane safely, although we still don’t all have electricity at home. We do at the office, thank goodness, so that we don’t deprive you of your mid-week “What is it?” fun!

Here we go, friends… what is it? Leave us a comment with your guess, and check back in with us this Friday for the answer.


29 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #26

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  2. It looks like to me….metal door knob with bracket inbeween. (Not sure of official terms for these pieces) So glad you made it through Irene!…and hope electric is back on at your homes.

  3. Ciao entro per la prima volta nel tuo blog e penso che tornerò presto è fantastico
    Che cos’è?
    E’ forse una stadera!
    Buona giornata, Rosaspina

  4. This one is easy, it’s a door knob and rod that goes thru the inside mechanism. I’ve got a jar full. You gals do have fun. I’m trying to decide what to do with my door knobs, sell, keep, craft with, etc. If I get rid of them someone will come up with a new idea, and I’ll wish I had them. Guess I’ll leave them on the shelf.

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