you ought to be in pictures

As long as I can remember, I have loved to browse through greeting cards at the local pharmacy. Racks and racks of creative inspiration, silly jokes, and sweet sentiments. My sister is the card master in my family, creating layers of embossed, folded, and stamped artwork. Although I love to craft, I bow to her paper skills, and actually enjoy standing in front of the card rack, reading all the cards until I find the perfect one. I was most recently looking for an anniversary card for my husband that would speak to his humorous side. That is when I found a Hallmark collection that featured photography and words winners from a contest called ‘yourGreeting Card Competition’.

©Hallmark cards

Well, I am apparently late to arrive at this party since we have found that Hallmark has now wrapped up their 26th card competition (pet photos for Mother’s Day). This is such a great idea to call for entries, and how cool is this to submit those cherished old family photos, or new images that you have captured, and be selected as a card winner for online or in stores (not to mention the $250 smackeroos)?! The winners will be selected and announced in October.

Noelle’s family has a super sweet Pomeranian that you just can’t help but fall in love with, named Fiona. Recently Fiona was spayed and has been sporting a cute little onesie to deter her from getting at her stitches. Noelle sent me a phone picture of her (not the best quality, but you get the picture—sorry, couldn’t resist).

If Noelle had entered her Fiona pic in the Mother’s Day contest, she would have included the words: You’re a Mom to even the furriest of babies.

Check out the Hallmark contest link for yourself, and good luck in their next contest for September! (Let us know if you win.)


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