It’s heeeeere… !

Our very Special Holiday issue is hot off the press and is currently finding it’s way to our subscribers, and will be available on the newsstands starting September 13. For those of you who haven’t subscribed yet, and would like to, click here! (Hint, hint… what a great Christmas gift idea, too!)

This Special issue celebrates both fall and winter holidays and shares country primitive decorating ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. (whew!) Cover project design by Kim Grasso.

For those of you who never want Christmas to end, our Country Christmas issue will be available the beginning of October! Get your scissors, needles and thread, paintbrushes and more, at the ready, friends. Let the gift-making begin! Come on over to the Create & Decorate home page to get a sneak peek of this issue.


7 thoughts on “It’s heeeeere… !

  1. 10:46AM

    wow, what a breath of fresh air that will be, pun intended. It has been such a long, hot, issue related summer, it will be so very wonderful, as always, to get this issue and curl up and let things in this world just go away for a time. I look so forward to all of them but this one in particular will be most welcomed. Keep up the great job, Jan in TN

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