“What is it?” Wednesday #26 — The answer

Oh, you bunch of smarty pants! Last week we really stumped you (save one), but this week you returned with a puzzle master vengeance! Yes, this week’s item is indeed a vintage door knob (or two). I love these things. They remind me of the old farm house that I grew up in. We had some of the brown swirly glass knobs, too. I currently have a stash of door knobs waiting to be put to use as a cool peg rack (just waiting to find the perfect board for the backing). By now you must know that I love to collect (not hoard) stuff. Noelle told me today that when she buys her first house, she wants to have different door knobs on each door in the house. I told her I would gift her some when I come to visit.  🙂

There was some very creative guessing going on this week. We love how creative our friends are. To read the guesses, click here, and scroll to the bottom of the post. Until next time! Happy weekend, everyone.


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