“What is it?” Wednesday – #28

Happy Wednesday, friends. (We know you are excitedly waiting for this post.) We have to come clean—last week was a tough puzzle, and we thought we would give you an easier one today. Well, we don’t believe it is. So, penny for your thoughts on it’s difficulty level.

This item was happily offered for our game purposes by our friend, and coworker, Kathleen. If you have an item you would like to share for our “What is it?” Game, please send us a high resolution photo of your item by email, to: editors@createanddecorate.com. We would be happy to share your vintage treasure with our readers!

You know the drill (certainly by heart) by now—please leave us a comment with your guess, and check back in with us on Friday for the the answer, and to read the guesses!


26 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday – #28

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  2. I do believe it is a coin changer that was worn on the side of a belt. Maybe used at a carnival, or used manually to make change before the big change machines came along.

  3. A sausage maker?
    Degree of difficulty will always be determined by how much you know about vintage and antique. For me, this one is tough.
    Someone else will know exactly what it is!

  4. This was an easy one.You even gave a hint.
    It is a change dispenser.I remember these
    when we ran out to the ice cream truck and he
    would give us a nickel because we gave him a
    dime.Yes,a nickel for a root beer frozen pop.
    And then we would brake it in half and share with
    our friend.Oh! What memories.

  5. Anyone who has lived in a city and used public transportation will recognize this coin changer. Press down on the lever, the ring swings out and deposits a coin into your palm.

  6. Hi, well, I looked for awhile, and then it came, the little handles there made me remember the coin changers newsboys and other sellers used to make change, it would hook on their belt. Karen

  7. I got this one ,Ya Hooo,It’s a coin changer ,put coins in different slots push leaver down out comes coin,,please please be right,,ha,ha,

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