Seaside Votive

We know a lot of our readers just love the fall season. Beverly and I do too, we just find it hard to say goodbye to summer. So for those of you who are like us, here is a project that is perfect for capturing a summer memory–and a great landing spot for all the seashells you may have collected. You’ll be able enjoy your summer memories through all the days of fall…and right into winter (nooooo)!


Recycled Crafts Encourage Creativity—An Artist’s Perspective

As an artist, I feel it is my job to not only fill the world with creative pieces, but that it is also equally important to reuse materials to make space. I believe that creative re-use has the potential to spark new ways of viewing the world. If one thing can be turned into another, what else can we do?

Successful recycled crafting encourages creativity in others. My recent project, the Holiday Cloches in the Holiday 2011 issue of Create & Decorate (page 52) is a way of demonstrating that the world and the items in it are not limited or easily identified as they appear at first glance. I can engage others to be more creative in their own daily lives, and to think more creatively about the world around them.

As an artist, my job is to inspire!I hope this project inspires your own creative spirit!

–Rita Schwab, Diamond Tech


seaside votive

A Generation Green (g2) Recycling Project

designed by Jeanne Baruth



Diamond Tech Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter

Three glass bottles (that will nest into one another)
Beach glass (small pieces), Eclectic Products E6000 glue, newspaper, safety goggles, Sharpie permanent marker (black), string or cord (to wrap around the top of cut bottles), tea light candle, tiny shells, white glue, white sand



Tips: Always wear safety goggles when using glass-crafting tools; everyday eyeglasses have only impact resistant lenses. To ensure top performance, keep bottle cutter blade oiled. Read and carefully following the instructions contained within the Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter manual.

1. Cover work area with craft or newspaper.

  2. Mark the following measurements on each bottle (circumference x height):

3-1/2” x2 3/4”

3” x 4”

2-1/4” x 5”

Note: Any combination of bases that will nest and tier in height can be substituted.

3. Using bottle cutter, score and break bottles where indicated.

4. Smooth rough edges as instructed in bottle cutter manual.

5. Wrap string or cord around top portion of each cut bottle three times, then cut. Soak each strand in white glue until saturated. Wrap strings around top of each cut bottle and allow glue to dry until hardened.

6. Squeeze a dollop of E6000 into center of largest base. Insert second base and press down. Twist so that seams of cord/string line up on one below it. Repeat this process and insert last base.

7. Once glue has completely dried, fill tiers with white sand, beach glass, and tiny shells.

8. Insert tea light candle into top tier.


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