“What is it?” 28 – The answer

It’s the epitome of a perfect autumn afternoon here in North Jersey. Welcome back to our blog to find out what our vintage item was this week: a coin changer! (Many of you smarties knew this.) This one even has a spot for pennies… the poor misunderstood coin that is nearing extinction. 😦

It was fun for us to read some of your nostalgic recollections of seeing this item in use. Click here, and scroll down to read those.

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on ““What is it?” 28 – The answer

  1. I had to say I grew up in Cape May, NJ. I miss the old Cape May. I wonder if North Jersey has changed as much as Cape May.

    • The old Cape May architecture is lovely, and we still enjoy visiting. I have lived in Northwest Jersey (Sussex County) for about 43 years, Jacqueline. I have watched much of the farm land developed, but there is still a great amount of beauty here–and we still have the best sweet corn!

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