“What is it?” #29 – The answer

Hello friends! So this is the day that we tell you what our Wednesday puzzle is. Ummmm, the truth is that we don’t actually know what this item is. This item was given to me by my mother, and she told me it was a map carrier. Which seems to make sense since it has rings that would hold a strap (to carry over your shoulder), as well as a carrying handle.


Our friend and colleague, Jane, who writes From Jane’s Collection for Create & Decorate, thought that it was perhaps a candle box, but agrees with us that it is a bit long for this purpose. So, the curiosity continues… if any of you stumble across clarification of the identity of this piece, please let us know!

I thought that maybe we should apologize for being slightly misleading and not providing an answer for this week’s puzzle, but Noelle said, “Nah, they still got to guess!”.



To read the astute guesses, click here!

See you next Wednesday for yet another puzzle!


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