“What is it?” Wednesday #30 – The answer

Ta-daaaa! Many of you knew darn well what our item was this week. Cigar tins are still easy to find at a decent price, and have so many uses. This one came from the man of the house’s workshop (excuse the years of grime) but I also like to use them for hiding and organizing stashes of sewing notions and other little treasures. Of course, the advertising appeal of them is suh-weet! To read the answers that only the brave would leave for us, click here. See you for our next game—same time next week, friends!

PS – Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #30 – The answer

  1. Linda from Prairie Flower Farm sent me over to say hello. The box is great. I have an old wooden box that my grandfather bought a bottle of whiskey in. My sister got his cigar boxes. I enjoy things like this.

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog!

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