Pumpkin picking for your couch!

Here’s a fun way to bring the pumpkin patch indoors—this project uses your home printer to transfer an image to peek through the pumpkin’s window. Designer Melony Bradley shares her project and pattern with Create & Decorate friends just in time for harvest fun!

harvest photo pillow

designed by Melony Bradley


For more product information, see sources below.

Two flour sack towels, 28” x 29”

Fairfield Processing Home Elegance pillow form, 18” x 18”

Brown ticking fabric, a 2” x 3-1/4” scrap

National Nonwovens WoolFelt in Olive, Pumpkin Spice, and Tahitian Sunset

The Warm Company Lite Steam-a-Seam

Jacquard Products

iDye in Chestnut

Inkjet Transfer Sheet


DMC Memory Thread in Olive

The Vintage Workshop downloaded image in No. IE420 Download Collection Halloween VI

Clothes washer and dryer, computer with word processing program and printer, iron and ironing surface, ruler, sewing machine/sewing needle/and thread, sharp scissors, wax paper


For patterns, see below.

1. Place flour sack towels (still folded) and brown ticking scrap into washing machine. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to insert dye pack into washer and dye fabrics. Remove and machine dry. (Note: Leaving towels folded will result in an uneven dyed appearance.) Press fabric.

2. Using a 1” seam allowance, cut flour sack towels to two 19” x 19” squares for pillow back and front.

3. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse brown ticking and WoolFelt to fusible webbing. Cut one pumpkin shape from Pumpkin Spice, three leaves from Olive, and one stem from Tahitian Sunset. Trim brown ticking to a 1-3/4” x 3” rectangle. Cut oval shape in left side of pumpkin.

4. Download and size image to approximately 4” x 6.” Refer to manufacturer’s instructions to print out on inkjet transfer sheet. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse in place on one of the dyed pillow squares. (Note: Make sure it will be positioned properly when fusing pumpkin shape to pillow—it will need to show through oval window.)

5. Referring to color photo, fuse pumpkin, leaves, and stem in place on pillow; place a small piece of wax paper over transferred image to protect from iron.

6. Use sewing machine and contrasting or matching thread to sew edges of all shapes in place; create lines on pumpkin as well. Fuse brown ticking into place.

7. Use word processing program and font of choice to create sentiment sized slightly smaller than brown ticking rectangle. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to print sentiment on ExtravOrganza fabric. Cut slightly smaller than brown ticking rectangle. Use sewing machine and thread to straight sew edges of brown ticking and ExtravOrganza into place.

8. Cut two 8” pieces of Olive thread. Shape for tendrils on both sides of leaves, then hand sew by couching with sewing needle and thread.

9. Place right sides of pillow squares together and sew left, top, and right edges together. Use iron to steam seams open. Turn pillow right side out and insert pillow form. Use sewing needle and thread to whipstitch bottom closed.


For questions regarding this design, please contact Melony at melonybradley@msn.com.

Visit Melony’s blog for even more of her creativity! Click here.

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Sources of Supplies

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(973) 589-0606


Fairfield Processing

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National Nonwovens

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The Warm Company

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