“What is it?” #32 -the answer

Ta-daaa! Yes, this is certainly an original Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistle! Just like the one that (actor) Judge Reinhold wished for in the movie ‘The Santa Clause’. (Props to Cat Haven Crafts for giving us both the correct answer and the movie title—wow!)

In 1952, Carl Mayer dreamed up the Wienerwhistle as a promotional giveaway. Shaped like an Oscar Mayer Weiner, it could be played like a real musical instrument. At first, Wienerwhistles were handed out by company spokespeople during Wienermobile appearances. In 1958, the whistles were packaged with Oscar Mayer Wieners, and in 1964, they were a sell-out success at the New York World’s Fair, dispensed in vending machines for two cents.

To read the guesses from the brave souls, click here. Many of you did indeed recognize this little whistle from your childhood years… did you have one?

OK, all together now…

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener,

That is what I truly want to be.

‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner,

Everyone would be in love with me!” 🙂