Sewing Vintage Aprons

Channeling her creative inspiration from the women in her family, designer Denise Clason has compiled a wonderful collection of aprons and quilted kitchen projects in her new book, Sewing Vintage Aprons. Denise has sewn up a fresh rendition of one of her featured aprons, but has created it in a brand new fabric line, that she shares below. But first, let’s get stitching!

The following project is one of many featured in the book Vintage Aprons  (which may also be purchased online: click here)

Annie’s Apron

Finished Size: 21″ x 143⁄4″

You will need

1⁄2 yard gingham fabric

1⁄3 yard large floral fabric

1⁄2 yard print fabric

1⁄8 yard iron-on woven interfacing

All-purpose thread to match fabrics

3⁄4 yard 1⁄4″-wide fusible web

Chalk pencil

12″ ruler

Basic sewing supplies, rotary cutting tools, and 1⁄4″ quilting foot

Cutting Instructions

1. Cut (1) 131⁄2″ x 37″ skirt rectangle from the gingham.

2. Cut (1) 7″ x 37″ pocket rectangle from the large floral.

3. Cut (1) 5″ x 25″ waistband strip and (2) 4″ x 37″ tie strips from the print.

4. Cut (1) 23⁄4″ x 25″ waistband strip from the iron-on interfacing.

Sewing Instructions

Note: Please read all instructions before beginning project. All seams are 1⁄4″, unless otherwise mentioned.

Make and Add the Pocket

1. Press 1⁄4″ toward wrong side along one 37″ edge of the pocket rectangle. Fold under 3⁄4″ again and press. Topstitch along both folded edges to hem.

2. Place the skirt piece right side down. Position the hemmed pocket piece right side down on the skirt piece, matching long raw edges. Sew a 1⁄4″ seam along the long edge. Press seam open.

3. Fold pocket onto front side of skirt at seam. Press seam flat. Pin edges and baste along the sides.

4. Make a pressed rolled hem on both side edges of the skirt/pocket piece. (See page for Hemming at bottom of instructions.)

5. Fold the skirt/pocket piece in half vertically and mark the center of the pocket with a pin. Mark 6″ on either side of center two times to create 6 divisions. With a ruler and chalk pencil, draw a vertical line at each pin. Stitch along lines, backstitching at beginning and end to make six separate pockets.

6. Gather the top edge of the skirt to measure 21″. Mark the center with a pin. (See page for Gathering at bottom of instructions.)

Add the Waistband

1. Press one long edge of the waistband strip 1⁄2″ to the wrong side.

2. Press the iron-on interfacing strip onto the wrong side of the opposite edge of the waistband.

3. Place a pin at the center and 2″ from each end of waistband.

4. Place the gathered skirt edge, right sides together, with the waistband, matching the center pins. Continue pinning the skirt to the waistband, leaving 2″ open at each end of the waistband.

5. Sew skirt to the waistband with a 1⁄2″ seam allowance, adjusting gathers as you go. Backstitch at beginning and end. Trim the gathered skirt seam allowance in half. (See page for Seam Allowance, Grading & Clipping at bottom of instructions.)

6. Press the waistband up away from the skirt.

Make the Ties

1. Make a rolled or pressed rolled hem on both long sides and one end of each tie strip. (See page for Hemming at bottom of instructions.)

2. Fold the waistband in half along the length to find the center. Mark with a pin.

3. Gather the tie ends to fit half of the width of the waistband. (See page for Gathering at bottom of instruction.)

4. Pin a gathered tie end, right sides together, at each end of the waistband between the bottom seam and the marked center of the waistband. Baste to secure.

5. Fold the top half of the waistband over to cover the tie. Repeat on other end.

6. Sew ends closed to secure tie inside of waistband. Trim waistband seam in half and trim corner off. Turn right side out.

7. Tuck a strip of 1⁄4″ fusible web on the seam allowance inside the waistband opening, press to secure. Remove paper backing. Press waistband closed. Topstitch waistband close to edges on all sides.

As promised, below is the most recent apron Denise has created with a brand new fabric line!

Denise's latest version of "Annie's Apron"

Tara Reed, designed the new fabric line shown above, called “Welcome to the Roost” by South Sea Imports. Click here to view the line.

See what other creativity Denise Clason has to share at her website,, and drop in to follow her blog at