“What is it?” Wednesday #36

We almost didn’t have time to post our “What is it?” game today! We have just shipped the February 2012 issue off to the printer, and have released snowmen and winter from our editorial minds, and are currently focusing on garden and spring. (We wish we had spring to look forward to, instead of the long winter months looming ahead of us!)

Here is today’s puzzle, friends. Please leave us a comment with your guess as to what this item is, and check back on Friday to see if you are correct!


NOTE: A few of you have left us a comment letting us know that you can not see the image. We believe this is a browser problem, please wait a little while and then try to refresh our page.


39 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #36

  1. wow, haven’t seen one of those in a while. it is the latch on either a typewriter case or maybe a suitcase. maybe a jewelry box but i don’t think so cause a jewelry box is smaller – unless you have LOTS of jewelry

  2. It is a miniature sized robot, with eyes set far apart from each other. You never actually see these robots, but you will hear it’s mechanical voice telling you to stop eating the leftover Halloween candy that you have been having for breakfast, lunch , and dinner. I was amazed you were able to get a photo, these beings usually hide. They haunt you when you sleep….they send you subliminal messages that you need to purchase more craft items when you awaken from slumber.
    Oh, and you thought no one would know what this was a picture of? I am well informed and know about these things! 😉 Louise in FL

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