“What is it?” 36 – the Answer

Without a doubt the image piece from this week’s puzzle does belong to a vintage suitcase! (We didn’t stump too many of you this week.)

For those of you who are new to this game, please know that we only post these guessing game comments on Friday, so everyone has a chance to guess without the influence of another person’s speculation. Thanks for playing! To read all of the guesses, click here, and scroll down.


4 thoughts on ““What is it?” 36 – the Answer

  1. Since those are a favorite collection of mine, I would have loved to have been able to open the photo but for whatever reason, it would not open. It could have had something to do with the fact that I was signed on at the hospital on guest network, how knows, where my husband has been for the last two weeks having five bypass surgery.

    I would still love to see the partial pic just for my own benefit. Jan in TN

    • Hi Jan, Our prayers are with you and your husband. We did try to repost the picture, perhaps you can view it now. Hope you both are home soon.

      • Thank you so much for the repost, when we got home after two weeks in the hospital, I was able to see it on this computer, must have had something to do with the guest network at the hospital. I would have known immediately what it was! I have repurposed so many over the years, love them to say the least.

        Thank you for your prayers, it was a close call for sure and we feel blessed. He has had amazing care for his valve replacement six years ago but they were missing the other side of his heart since they were under the impression his only problem was congenital and in the valve they replaced, not so and it shocked us all. They never thought he had heart disease and in the mean time there was hardly any blood flow to the left side. The day of his cath, the doctor was amazed and could not even let him come home until it was fixed and it went well and he is doing amazing. He only had one regular strength Tylenol in SICU the first night, what a poster child he is, shocked all of the staff. Some people will do anything to avoid being stuffed, that was my threat to him, LOL, could not live without him.

        Thanks again, we are hoping we receive our newest copy of your hard work soon, we wait and wait. Peace be with you all, Jan in TN

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