“What is it?” 37 – The Answer

Happy, happy weekend! Thank you all for playing our “What is it?” game this week. We had so many guesses (to read them, click here and scroll down), and quite a few of you knew that this item is a vintage nut grinder. Such a fun little piece, with a very pretty base. Noelle encouraged me to carefully jiggle the cap off so that we could peek inside the inner workings. I just purchased it when the two of us took a trip to Lancaster, PA a few weeks ago, and haven’t come up with a purpose for this pretty grinder yet. It’s intended use isn’t very practical for me, but I like at all the same. Perhaps it will simply hold a few stems of daisies next summer.


4 thoughts on ““What is it?” 37 – The Answer

  1. Oh Wow, and I have used one of those my entire life (a very long time), it surely did look like the base of an oil lantern, for sure, ho ho. Peace, Jan in TN

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