“What is it?” Wednesday #38

We know most of you are busy with friends, family, and Thanksgiving preparations, but JUST IN CASE you came to our blog to see the Wednesday puzzle, we didn’t want to disappoint. So, please take a peek at this week’s puzzle, and leave us a comment with your guess as to what this item is (we will post the guesses on Friday). If you have time in between your door buster holiday shopping trips and turkey sandwich on Friday, then please stop back to see the item revealed.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


44 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #38

  1. Wispride cheese spread crock, I still have one to put my homemade cheese spread into. There cheese spread tasted soooooo much better back then.

  2. I don’t know exactly what this is called but it is the lock/unlock metal mechanism that is used on crocks and jars that do not have a typical screw on lid!

  3. It’s the top of the brown pottery cheese crock of Wispride cheddar cheese. They now package it in plastic cups. Actually I just ate some on crackers for lunch.

  4. We think it is a glass jar with a closure on it to help seal it for canning. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Jan and Fred in TN

  5. The top of what I call a “bean pot” canister. I used to have an entire set of crockery – soup bowls, sugar bowl, creamer, etc. Never had any canisters, but it sure looks like a canister to me:)

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