“What is it?” Wednesday #39

Hello friends, and good-bye November! Is tomorrow morning seriously bringing us December? Yikes. Here is our very last “What is it?” game puzzle… for November, that is. (Scared you a little, didn’t I?)

Play by the rules, friends, and leave us a comment with your guess (to be posted Friday along with the revealing photo of what exactly this item is). As always, thanks for playing!


40 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #39

  1. Fred says he thinks it is the lid to a mason jar.

    I, on the other hand think it looks like an aluminum jello mold we have of his mother’s that I used to mold beewax ornaments for our children’s Christmas trees.

  2. This is the toughest one you’ve shown since I started watching your blog. I am guessing (and only guessing) it is one cup of an enameled baking tray – perhaps for little cakes or decorative muffins????

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