“What is it?” #39 – The answer

Happy Friday! EVERYONE is happy on a Friday. We know you are all working overtime on Christmas crafting and shopping, so we will keep the game post short and sweet! Lots and lots of guesses this week. Many correct, and many gave it the good old college try! To read those, click here, and scroll down. We just love our blog friends. XO

This week, our vintage treasure is a gray agate muffin (or mold) pan. You guys are too smart for your own good.


4 thoughts on ““What is it?” #39 – The answer

  1. I was wrong this time. Oh, my! I would love to have seen the other answers but cannot find them. I was wondering if I was the only one who was incorrect. Love the snow falling on your sight!!

    • To view the guesses, click the link in this post and scroll down the original puzzle post to view, OR scroll down our blog home page to find the original #39 game post, and click on the comments button to view them.

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