Frosty’s Hat Ornament

Well, it may be just the beginning of winter, but with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here in the NE lately, it looks like Frosty melted away much too soon! He did, however, leave behind his top hat and a special message. And guess what? You can easily recreate this adorable little project!  It comes together quickly and will be hanging from your tree in no time. Try it as a gift tie-on for some extra gift-giving oomph.

frosty’s hat ornament

designed by Mary Lynn Parson


For product information, see below.

Felt top hat, size of choice*

18 mm rusty bell, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue, embroidery needle, Elmer’s School Glue, cardstock (antique white), cinnamon, computer with      word processing program and printer, crochet thread (black), ground cloves, holly leaves and berries embellishment***, homespun fabric scrap, mica flakes**, paintbrush (1/2” flat), scissors, waxed paper

*Available through Darice.

**Available through Country Whims.

***Look in scrapbooking and holiday gift wrapping sections.


Note: This is a bit of a messy project, so lay waxed paper down onto your workspace first.

1. Tear homespun scrap into a strip long enough to go around hat; cross over ends and adhere into place.

2. Use Tacky Glue to adhere embellishment, bending it slightly to fit around hat and leaving tips of leaves free to have a place to tuck in      the tag.

3. Adhere bell into place.

4. Thinly brush on Elmer’s Glue, then sprinkle with cinnamon and cloves; shake off excess. Lightly brush Elmer’s onto selected places and sprinkle small amounts of mica flakes onto these spots. (This will dry fairly quickly.)

5.  Open word processing program, and choose a font you like (I used Kendric in size 24. Type “I’ll be back again someday!” and print onto cardstock. Tip: If making several of these little hats, copy and paste the words until you have a whole sheet of them. Cut into a tag shape and carefully adhere behind holly leaves.

6. Using needle and desired length of crochet thread, poke a hole in top of brim, pull thread through, and tie off. Hang and enjoy!



(800) 438-6226

Country Whims

Darice Inc.

(866) 432-7423

Elmer’s Products, Inc.

(888) 435-6377


8 thoughts on “Frosty’s Hat Ornament

  1. Just got in from the grueling trip to the city for my husband’s cardiac rehab necessary after his five vessel bypass on 11/1/11 and what was in the mail, the January/February issue of Create and Decorate, whoo whoo!! what a nice treat that is, just the thing to sit down with to have a nice cup of coffee. Thanks, love the top hot as well, all niceties to relax with in spite of all the other goings on, Jan

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