A Simple Holiday Tree

We have had several requests for a quick way to create a simply striking centerpiece, and our friends at Craft Marketing Connections have answered the call!

simple holiday tree

designed by Cindy Groom Harry


• 29” tall (approximately) tree branch (with as many sprigs as possible)

• FloraCraft Make It: Fun STYROFOAM Brand Foam, a 4-7/8” x 4 7/8” x 4-7/8” white block

• Design Master Home Décor Stain Spray in Hickory Holiday Snow

• The Paper Company / TPC Studio Mediterranean Summer Collection 12” x 12” papers in Mirage and Oasis (two sheets)

• Elmer’s CraftBond all-purpose glue stick

• X-ACTO 12” rotary paper trimmer 6” precision tip scissors

• Quick Quotes PowderPuff ink pad in Blue Moon

• Craft snip or garden shears, newspapers, small glass Christmas ball ornaments (1-1/4” blue and 1/2” silver)


Note: Finished size of piece is approximately 33” tall.

1. If needed, use craft snip or garden shears to randomly trim twigs to shape. (Note: A couple of small tree branches can be grouped together at bottom.) In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, lightly mist branch with Home Décor Stain to provide color and finish. Let dry.

2. To cover foam block, use rotary trimmer to cut four 4-7/8” squares of Oasis and two of Mirage paper. Use Blue Moon ink pad to darken edges of all squares. Use glue stick to attach four Oasis squares to top, bottom, and two sides. Adhere Mirage squares to front and back. Let dry.

3. Use points of scissors to carefully start a small hole in top center of covered block. Gently press bottom of branch into hole. If needed, remove branch, apply liberal amount of glue stick to bottom of branch and reinsert into foam. Let dry.

4. In well-ventilated, newspaper covered area, use Holiday Snow to lightly mist branch twigs, base of branch (to conceal hole in block), and block top edges. (Tip: Spray from top downward to resemble snowfall.) Let dry.

5. Randomly hang ornaments from branches.

This project submitted courtesy of Craft Marketing Connections.


FloraCraft (800) 253-0409


Design Master (800) 525-2644


The Paper Company/TPC Studio (800) 525-3196


Elmer’s Products, Inc. (888) 435-6377



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