Sheep to Ewe Wool Felted Pet Toys: Pet Tested, Pet Approved (Really, We Checked!)

In our June 2011 issue, we featured a Country Lanes article on Lis Kleinhans, owner of Sheep to Ewe, purveyors of fine—and adorable—wool felted goodies. Lis had sent us some of the pet toys, and since we here at Create & Decorate have a multitude of canines and felines, we were happy to bring these little treats home.

The toys come in big and small bones, mice, and felted balls, either with or without internal bells. The bones come with squeakers, which, let me tell you, are a major amusement for my puppy, but not so much for my 12-year-old dog.

Speaking of the puppy (Fiona, who is nine months old now); one of the first toys she picked up when we brought her home was one of the small bones. Then she found the mice. And then a big bone. And these have been her favorite toys ever since. No lie. The cats never had a chance of playing with those mice. And if one of the other dogs picks up one of those felted toys, Fiona runs right over and takes it away. She is very protective of those toys. She takes the mice and flips them around by the tails…okay, okay, I’ll stop talking about my puppy. But she’s just so darn cute.

Our Digital Imaging Technician, Kathleen, took some mice home for her cat, Buddy. As you can see, he had a grand ‘ole time!

And this is her other cat Minou, getting her chomp on:

These would be perfect stocking stuffers for your pets (come on, you know all you animal lovers have stockings for your beloved companions), or for the pet lover in your family. To order, visit Lis’ store here. And then, try and snap a pic of your little guy or gal playing with one and send it to—we’ll post it on our Pet Pics page! Your best friend’ll be famous!


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