Moravian Star Ornaments

Traditionally an illuminated advent or Christmas decoration, we first shared this simple paper folded ornament with our readers in the December 2010 issue of Create & Decorate in the Perfectly Prim series by designer, and creative guru, Kim Grasso. Kim agreed that we should share it with our blog readers, too! 

Decorate your tree with these ornaments, tie them to package tops, or hang them on doorknobs. After you get the hang of the art of the folded star, try making them out of larger strips of paper, or fabric strips treated with stiffener!

You may still buy the issue this project was featured in, too! Click here.


• Hot wax (optional), paper, ruler, scissors, string


1. You will need four strips of paper: 1/4” x 17” strips will make a 1” star, 1-1/5” x 17” strips will make a 2” star, 3/4” x 23” strips will make a 3” star, and 1” x 25” strips will make a 4” star.

2. Fold all four strips of paper in half and trim the ends as shown; this will make it much easier to work.

3. Begin with a basic basket weave.

4. Pull each strip gently to tighten basket weave.

5. Fold one strip down, beginning at top left.

6. Fold one of the left strips over (left to right). Then, fold one of the bottom strips up.

7. Fold one of the right strips to the left. Tuck this strip under the first one; pull gently to tighten.

8. The second basket weave is complete—you should now have two paper strips on each side as shown.

9. Beginning with the top right strip, fold back and to the right as shown.

10. Fold the same strip down as shown.

11. Fold the same strip over itself.

12. Tuck the same strip under one layer of the basket weave to hold in place.

13. This is what star should look like. Rotate star one quarter turn to the left and repeat steps 9 – 12. Repeat until four points are complete, then turn star over and repeat steps 9 – 12 again until all four points are complete on this side; you will have eight points.

14. This is what star should look like with eight points complete.

15. Take strip from the top right point and gently turn it down and to the left, then through the weave; the end should come out through the middle of this (left top point) point; you should have a 3D point. Rotate star one quarter turn to the left and repeat. Repeat until four 3D points are complete. Turn star over and repeat until four 3D points are complete on this side. When complete, you will have eight 3D points, four on each side.

16. You are almost done—this is the top view of star.

17. Here is a side view of star.

18. Snip the loose strips close to each point and star is complete. You may add a string to hang and you may also dip star in hot wax to preserve. These ornaments are lovely on any tree, but also make wonderful gift tags and bowl fillers. •

For questions regarding this design, please contact Kim at Visit Kim online and see what else she’s crafting! 


12 thoughts on “Moravian Star Ornaments

  1. so excited to get the detailes of making these. When i was 16 working in a hairdressers,a lady made me some for xmas, 24 tobe exact. Over the years have shared with me three kids for their xmas tree But never knew how to make them. This lovely lady learnt when in a war camp as a child. Im 65 this year and will at last beable to make more to go with dear Mrs Copcutts ones she gave me all those years ago. Thank you so much.

  2. I remember learning how to make these in 6th grade! (1976) but after 30+ years couldn’t remember all the steps! Thanks-wanting to share with my Girl Scouts!

    • Cathy, you can buy rolls of Kraft or brown paper, or you could certainly buy a roll of brown wrapping paper (we found a roll at the dollar store).

    • The paper folds more flat and tight, Elizabeth. However, as we mentioned, you could definitely use a fabric that has been treated with a stiffener. The “point” of the strips need to be able to slide in between the folds. Similar to weaving.

  3. This is super cute and look easy, thanks to the awesome picture tutorial 🙂 🙂 OH, and just think, you could use some printed paper, too 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the really nice project idea. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  4. Great tutorial, I made a ton of these last year for a luncheon and used them as napkin rings so everybody could take one home and hang it on their tree. I also sprayed them and added glitter. (think I’m still finding glitter from last year)

  5. I haven’t made these in years! I think I learned watching a Carol Duvall show long ago. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder and step-by-step how-to instructions.

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