“What is it?” Wednesday #41

We’re glad you paused from the season’s bustle, and stopped by to play our game today!

Take a good look at this puzzle piece, leave us a comment with your guess as to what this vintage image is, and check back in with us on Friday to view the full image and read the guesses.


18 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #41

  1. This looks to be a clamshell waterfall fountain in a mystical garden that is filled with gnomes and other fairies and creatures…Oh, you cannot see the little people that hide, they are invisible to adult human eyes..but they are there. The waterfall fountain was built by humans, little did they know they would be helping out these creatures of nature who needed to quench their thirst. The gnomes and fairies only come out at night, this is why you do not see them pictured in this photo, unless of course your mind is part Gnome. Your mind has to be genetically geared this way, and not many people have this capability. Although most children can see these mystical creatures easily, by adulthood, they fade in daylight. Lucky are those that have this ability. Thank you for bringing back so many memories! (hee hee) (just kidding of course) I am not this crazy..but LOVE making up stories! LOL!

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