Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

Add vintage flair to brand new ornaments.

This project is perfect for last minute gifts, or better yet, spend some quiet crafting time instead of falling into the holiday hubbub.

Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

Designed by Roxi Phillips for Krylon


Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint

Clear glass containers of choice, paper towel or sea sponge, rubber band, soap and water, spray bottle of water, wood dowel or stick

Embellishments of choice


1. Clean all glass surfaces thoroughly and let dry.

2. For use with tall containers, wrap folded paper towel or sea sponge around end of dowel or stick; secure with rubber band.

3. According to manufacturer’s instructions, spray inside of container with Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint. While it is still wet, carefully dab some of the paint off glass using a paper towel or sea sponge, using prepared stick for hard to reach areas. You may also mist very lightly with water to help with dabbing the paint.
4. Repeat as needed to achieve desired coverage and effect. Let dry. (Note: Multiple thin layers will help prevent paint runs. It’s also a good idea to test out technique on a small piece of glass before trying on final project.)
5. Add embellishments of choice.



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One thought on “Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

  1. Cool idea, all the Best Wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday and health and well being in the New Year. We hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy it with lots of loving family and good friends, and of course good food as well! All the best, Jan and Fred in TN

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