“What is it?” #43 – the answer

Happy Friday, friends, and a happy ending to the year 2011. Mama wasn’t kidding when she said time flies! Jumping back in time, we are sharing our answer to the “What is it?” puzzle—a soap saver, although we think soap swoosher is more fun! Being thrifty, homemakers would save those small slivers of soap remnants in this basket to swoosh around in the water. Smart, and thrifty folk!

As always, we had fun reading your guesses! Click here and scroll down to read those.


Happy New Year, Friends!


4 thoughts on ““What is it?” #43 – the answer

  1. I had one of these and for years did not know what it was! I now use it when washing antique lace dresser/ table scarves. Makes up great soapy water! No waste here!

  2. Hi. I’ve just moved to Australia from the US and lost a number of things in the move, including a soap saver (not an antique) I bought from an Amish supply years ago. I actually use it to swish the plain lye soap through the dish water for washing dishes. Do you know of any place where I can buy a new one or an old one. I actually want to use it!

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