It seems like a good day for a book giveaway!

Quick and Easy Pillows & Cushions

Compiled by Gail Abbott, CICO Books

We thought it was high time for another giveaway, so we scanned our bookshelf for one of our favorites:

We all know how making your own home furnishings has come roaring back into fashion, with recycling and decorating on a budget high on most everyone’s list. With 50 step-by-step projects, plus variations on each one, there is no shortage of creative ideas that look highfalutin—but they won’t leave your wallet begging for mercy. You will have your pick of ruffled, tasseled, buttoned, or embellished cushions and pillows. The beautiful ribbon weave pillow may look complicated, but just eight easy steps will leave you with a colorful piece that looks like it came from a high-end boutique. The initials in cross-stitch pillow would make a wonderful housewarming gift that will remind of days gone by—without looking outdated. An ottoman is a great addition to any family room—or dorm room for that matter. It’s created from scraps of fabric, so it may be customized to match any color scheme, and the instructions include a variation so you could make either a square or a round one.

Have a garden chair or some patio chairs that need a little pop? A ruffled seat cushion made with a vintage floral fabric will add the perfect touch. Use different fabrics with complementary colors for each chair to create a playful mismatch. Projects range from beginner to the more experienced sewer, and there is a section that lists tips on equipment and techniques, with templates included as well. With everything needed at your fingertips, you will be creating home accents that will have your friends asking for shopping tips; it’s up to you to let them in on the secret.

To enter our giveaway for this book, simply leave us a comment saying, “pick me!” 🙂

Check back with us on Monday to see who the lucky winner is!


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