“What is it?” #46 – the answer

Woohoo, everybody loves the weekend! Happy Friday and “What is it?” answer day. We gave you another tough puzzle this week, but several of you did guess correctly that the item is a candelabra. Perhaps you had noticed in our puzzle pic of this that we even left a clue of a blurry candle in the background.


To read the guesses, click here and scroll down.

This piece is usually on my dresser (without the candles) holding my everyday necklaces. You will recognize this piece when you see it in the May/June issue of Create & Decorate (on sale April 17), since we just used it in a styled shot!

Enjoy your weekend, friends. What are you up to? The weatherman told Noelle and I that we will be getting snowed in on Saturday. Looks like it will be a baking weekend!


3 thoughts on ““What is it?” #46 – the answer

  1. We declined a guess on this one, he said he thought it was a carpet beater, I said no way as I thought it was a chandelier, I was closer, lol. Jan and Fred in TN

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