What is it #47 – The answer

Happy Friday, friends! Well, we did admit that this week’s puzzle was a tricky one, but even so, two of you did guess correctly! Congratulations to E. Butler and Shelly Rae Wood on their vintage knowledge this week. (You surprised us!) To read this week’s guesses, click here, and scroll down.


This wood-backed printer’s block was found when Noelle and I were wandering through field after field of treasures and trinkets at the summer Brimfield Antiques Show in Massachusetts two years ago. The image resembled my church so much that the block needed to come home with me. We had such an amazing time at the Brimfield show that we are returning again this year! I bet we will be sharing some of our finds with you in a future “What is it?” game.


4 thoughts on “What is it #47 – The answer

  1. The image of the tree branches were the first thing I zoomed in on, I tried hard to work with them but just could not get further with imagination. I even have a bunch of those blocks but mine are much smaller and only letters, no pictures. How fun. Jan

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