Life is the flower for which love is the honey. -Victor Hugo

Ok, so if you haven’t totally soured on the whole Valentine’s Day thing (No? That’s just little, old single me? Oh, ok. Cue sad violins. Feel free to send chocolates…), then read on. We have a pretty little sampler designed by Terry Loewen that will make a sweet decoration for this lovely holiday (sweet…love-ly holiday…get it? Hello? Is this thing on?…).

lovely thoughts sampler

designed by Terry Loewen


For product information, see sources below.

Wichelt Pink Dahlia 28ct hand dyed Jobelan in No. 429-508

DMC embroidery floss in No. 760 and No. 3371

Mill Hill No. GBFRM19 matte black frame, 6” x 8”

Black foamcore (a 6” x 8” piece), double-sided fabric tape, iron and ironing surface, lip-locking hoop, mild soap and water, size 24 or 26 needle


For cross-stitch chart, see below.

            1. Place cross-stitch fabric in hoop, making sure fabric is not stretched too tightly.

            2. Using two strands of floss, and following chart, cross-stitch design.

             3. After stitching sampler, hand wash, let dry, then press right-side down.

             4. Put double-sided tape on back edges of foamcore, then fold edges of sampler over and press down with fingers. 

             5. Place in frame.

For questions regarding this design, contact Terry at Visit her blog at, and visit her Etsy shop at You won’t be sorry!


The DMC Corporation

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Mill Hill Beads

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Wichelt Imports, Inc.