Free pattern from Wichelt!

We posted about this on Facebook yesterday, but for all of you out there who may not be on on the ‘Book, or just really don’t care about what we post there (hey, it’s possible, even though we’re super interesting!), Wichelt is offering a free chart for a fun cross-stitch project!

There’s a code in their ad on page 3 in the January/February issued of C&D, but cause we’re feeling generous, we’re gonna give you that code RIGHT NOW! Just go to, click on the Create & Decorate logo , and type CD212. Pattern should pop right up! No purchase is necessary, and you don’t have to enter any other info! Easy peasy.

Another code will be offered in the March/April issue, on newsstands February 14th!

UPDATE: If you are having problems, make sure your internet connection is working, and make sure your PDF reader is up-to-date. If you have virus protection on your computer, that may also be preventing you from being able to see the pattern!


5 thoughts on “Free pattern from Wichelt!

    • Hi Debbie,
      When we posted on Facebook the first time, we forgot to mention the code–d’oh! I have tried it myself several times and have not had a problem; the chart should pop right up when you type in CD212.

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