Be My Valentine Wreath

Could this cupid-approved Valentine project possibly be any more fun? Create this cheery wreath with just a few inexpensive supplies.

Designed by Rebekah Meier


The Dow Chemical Company 10″ STYROFOAM Wreath

1-2 packages red and white cupcake wrappers

9″ sheet thick craft foam

Roll red crepe paper

10 small white pom-poms

1 yd. red check ribbon

Hot glue and gun, 10-12 round toothpicks, scissors, straight pins


1. Wrap crepe paper around wreath and secure ends with straight pin.

2. Wrap approximately 18” of ribbon around the top of wreath for a hanger. Pin or hot glue in place.

3. Flatten cupcake wrappers with hands. Pin wrappers around the wreath.

4. Cut 10, 1/2” square pieces from craft foam. Gently pinch the center of 10 cupcake wrappers. Hot glue craft foam pieces to the wrong side (non-design side) of wrappers.

5. Hot glue 1 white pom pom to the center of each wrapper from step 4.

6. Gently insert a 1” piece of toothpick into the center of each craft foam piece and hot glue in place.

7. Arrange and insert the 10 toothpick/cupcake wrappers around the wreath.

8. Add more wrappers if necessary to even out design.

9. Create bow and hot glue to the top of wreath.

This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.

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