The spring 2012 issue!

Although mother nature may disagree, Create & Decorate spring has definitely sprung. Our Website is now updated, and ready for your visit! (click here) Subscribers have started to receive their copies, and the newsstand copies are available on Valentine’s Day. (How appropriate! We loooove us some Create & Decorate!)

Cover project designed by Wendy Waldron and Lisa McComb

To mark this auspicious occasion, leave us a comment telling us what signifies spring to you, and we will randomly select 2 friends to receive a FREE April issue!


13 thoughts on “The spring 2012 issue!

  1. For me it is when I see my daffodils peeking up and most of all when I see crocus. “Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the flowers is” 🙂
    Happy SPring!! Julie

  2. This site is new for me but I am going to buy this book when it hits the stands. Spring is flowers and the sun shining, the green grass and children playing outdoors. I love the bunny on the cover and would love to make it. I enjoy making things for other people. Thank you I am so excited to find this. Sandy<3

  3. Robins, bunnies, and the ducks chasing each other in the river, that’s spring. Plus time to sit down and read my C&D, and plan projects. Love the patchwork eggs. Karen

  4. my favorite, living in the atlantic ocean where it is absolutely beautiful, is the warmth of the sun. also, the longer evenings..

  5. Spring for me is~ seeing everything come back to life! Birds aflutter, flowers blooming and the trees awakening from their slumber. Awe Spring.

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