Feeling like a winner today?

We love sharing cool stuff with our readers, and it’s even more fun when we are able to give that cool stuff away!

The Knook: Now You Can Knit With a Crochet Hook

By Leisure Arts • www.leisurearts.com

Reviewed by Noelle A. DeMarco

Know how to crochet, but just can’t master the art of knitting? Are you already a master of both the needle and the hook? Or maybe you don’t even know the difference between the two. That’s just fine; with the Knook, you’ll be completing projects in no time, regardless of experience level.

The Knook package comes with three bamboo Knooks (sizes G/4.0 mm, H/5.0 mm, and I/5.5 mm), three different colored cords, an instruction booklet, and four beginner patterns. The booklet contains step-by-step instructions for knit and purl stitches and for casting on and off. Every step has photos for both right- and left-handed folks (cue angels singing). There are also videos of each step available at leaisurearts.com, and if you have computer access, these are highly recommended to make your Knook technique that much better.

Beginning with our current March/April 2012 issue (shown above), and continuing through 2012, designer Vickie Zelizo shares a different Knook block with our readers. In the December issue, Vickie share the final steps of joining all of the blocks to create a colorful throw!

The Knooks are easy to use, with a slight indent for a thumb rest that makes them comfortable to hold, and the included cords have edges that won’t fray. Word of warning: if you are familiar with crochet, please read each step carefully, as after a certain point, you won’t be using the same yarn over typically used in crochet.

You really must try the Knook for yourself. Once you familiarize yourself, projects can be completed quickly, and all your friends will be impressed! The phenomenon is growing (there is even a Knooking group on Ravelry [www.ravelry.com]), so there are plenty of sources at your fingertips.

stitches from the schoolhouse
ENTER for a chance to win
Learn to Knook and a Knook starter kit.
FYI—while linking the Leisure Arts website to our post, we noticed that the Knook is temporarily out of stock, but you may preorder. HOWEVER, we have them in out hot little hands to give away! So, click on over if you feel like a winner today!

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