“What is it?” Wednesday #51

Welcome to our mid-week puzzle! You all guessed so grandly last week, that Noelle and I are hoping you will have as much fun with today’s game.

Here it is:

Please leave us a comment with your guess, and check back in on Friday for the answer!


To pin or not to pin…

Yes, that is our question today. Are you pinning your favorite ideas and projects on Pinterest? This social media platform is a colossal way of internet sharing. Noelle and I are fairly new to this game, but are certainly having fun. Pinterest acts like a file folder that organizes all of our interests: primitives, crafts, junking, gardening ideas, recipes, and more. The best part is that all of the ideas and images we find won’t get lost in cyber space because they are ‘pinned’ in this file folder. No more lost bits of torn magazines, dropped photos, and misplaced computer printouts. Hooray!

Here are some sample goodies that we are saving on the Create & Decorate boards for you:

We do wish that we were the brains behind this concept, but since we are not, we are happy to ride along in our quest for all things shabby, crafty and fun. Follow us on our Pinterest account:


Or, scroll down our blog, and on the right side, you will find the Pinterest button that we connected for your convenience. (We’re thoughtful that way.)

Haven’t joined, but are interested? Send us an email (editors@createanddecorate.com) and we will send you the invitation to get started. To join Pinterest you do need to sign up under your Facebook or Twitter account.

See you there!