Life is a yoyo

Today we are offering up a floral burst of fabric yoyos and buttons.  Be creative, and change up the size and shape of the Foam wreath you use to suit your door space, and… welcome spring!

layered yoyo heart

designed by Kathleen George


For product information, see sources on page 50.

STYROFOAM Brand Foam heart wreath, 1” x 9-1/2” x 10”

Pastel yoyos*, 2” (14) and 1” (28)

Fat quarter of small print fabric in coordinating color

1/4” pastel buttons (14-20), 1” putty knife, craft pins, measuring tape, olive green felt, pencil, scissors, Yes! Paste**

*Designer used purchased yoyos; to make your own, see instructions below.

**Available through Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or Dick Blick.


1. Cut two 1” strips of fabric from edge of coordinating fabric.

2. Trace STYROFOAM heart onto back of remaining fabric and cut out.

3. Attach the 1” strips of fabric to sides of STYROFOAM using Yes! Paste; spread a thin, even layer of Paste onto sides of heart using putty knife. Smooth fabric on using fingertips. Cut away excess fabric.

4. Attach fabric heart to top of STYROFOAM heart in same manner as side fabric.

5. Cut out a 4” x 1” strip of fabric, fold lengthwise twice, and adhere shut. Form strip into a loop, adhering and pining it to back center top of heart to make hanger.

6. Adhere or pin the 2” yoyos evenly around front of heart.

7. Cut out twenty leaf shapes (see pattern below) from olive felt and adhere onto wreath, underneath either side of each large yoyo.

8. Fill in empty spaces with 1” yoyos and adhere a yoyo to center of each large yoyo as well.

9. Adhere buttons onto centers of small yoyos.

how to make your own yoyos

1. Using cardboard or a thin plastic sheet, make a 4”circle template for the 2” yoyos and a 2” circle template for the 1” yo-yos. Or, if you own die-cutting equipment, check to see if your machine will cut fabric.

2. Cut out (14) 4” circles and (28) 2” circles.

3. Fold under 1/4” along edge and stitch in place around perimeter with a running stitch (longer stitches will make a tighter yoyo, and shorter stitches will make a more open center).

4. Gently pull thread, pulling fabric to the middle and forming a yoyo. Tie off thread.

This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.


Dick Blick

(800) 828-4548


The Dow Chemical Company

(888) GO-CRAFT

Jo-Ann Fabrics

(888) 739-4120


(800) 642-4235

Drag this pattern onto your desktop to print. Pattern is approximately 1"W x 1 1/2"L.


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