“What is it?” #53 – the answer

We know that you struggled with the puzzle this week, but congratulations to Tammy for serving up the correct answer of “part of eyeglasses”! We are certainly impressed.

These vintage gems stay packed in one of my photo shoot suitcases, and every now and then they sneak into a shot, but more often than not, Noelle and I try them on with a silly face to try to catch the other off-guard. I pulled 2 such photos off of my phone today to share. We thought it would be fun to tack on a secondary puzzle (cropped tightly because one never knows what will end up on Pinterest!) to our “What is it?” Friday answer:


SO, which image is Beverly, and which is Noelle, wearing those fine spectacles? Yup, leave us a comment with your guess, and we will let the cat out of the bag on Monday. Happy Friday, friends!

P.S. – If you show this to my mother I will vehemently deny that one of these is actually me. 🙂

To read the guesses from Wednesday’s puzzle, click here and scroll down.


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