better late than never!

OK, we admit it, we are guilty of some silly posts on our blog. However, if you look past the original thought that we are already well into the third month of the year, we believe that ANY one of our crafty friends might get a kick out of using one of these calendars.

That said:

We have three very useful, and awesome calendars for a ‘better-late-than-never giveaway’!

Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel, sent us these wonderful pattern-a-day calendars for review last year. We loved them then, and thought we would give away online, but, as most things in our office, they became hidden under paperwork. While spring cleaning, we found them again and decided to share them.

As Accord Publishing states on the Quilting packaging, “Don’t throw yesterday away, just thread a needle, and start piecing!” Each of these calendars has 100+ projects within the pages, plus some bonus patterns. Whether you start on them next week, or next year, they are STILL terrific patterns!

Interested in our giveaway? Simply leave us a comment as to which one you have your eye on. We will randomly select 3 lucky creative souls on March 22 to receive one calendar by mail at the end of the month. (We don’t dare let this go until April!)

Accord Publishing is famous for childrens books and terrific calendars. Check their titles out here.


16 thoughts on “better late than never!

  1. I would love the quilting one , but I have a friend I would give the crochet one too. I would appreciate a chance to win something. Thanks! I really love your Create and Decorate Magazine! The ideas are awesome!

  2. Since I don’t knit or crochet, I’ll go with the quilting. I have dabbled with that a little. As far as it already being March, my mind still thinks that it’s December 2011, so that would work out just fine! : )

  3. I would love any of those pattern calendars, crochet would be my favorite. Likely they won’t be so willing to let you have them again, lol. Cannot wait for the next C&D issue as always, Jan in TN

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