We’re in the mood for … gardening!

The temperature has been so amazing lately, and spring arrived way before it was supposed to. In Northern New Jersey, it is unheard of to have the leaves budding and bursting open in March! Of course, we are taking advantage of the weather, and have pulled out the cushions for the outdoor furniture—and even though we know it is too early to plant anything, a gal can dream, can’t she?

Like you, at Create & Decorate magazine, we love all things repurposed, and are always trying to come up with ways to reuse architectural finds—especially in our gardens. This weekend while out browsing, I spotted a small greenhouse constructed of 6 used windows: 4 window panels were used for the walls, and 2 were used for the roof pitch. Perfect for a patio! (Just try and eat my potted flowers through THAT, you pesky deer!) So, of course, I turned to trusty Google for more inspiration.

CalFinder Nationwide Remodelers has a post from 2009 that is well worth clicking over to read “7 outrageous ways to reuse broken windows”. The photography shared below is borrowed from their site so that we may share our excitement over their ideas:

Ooh, yes, please!

Perfect porch greenhouse, and equally cute as a side table!

Be inspired, be sure to read the blog post we mentioned, and seize the spring inspiration!


4 thoughts on “We’re in the mood for … gardening!

  1. Love these window ideas. When we changed our windows out in VT, I saved some of the old ones wondering what to do with them but loving them anyway. Thanks guys!!! Annelle from Annelle’s Originals

  2. Something new to try with all of those windows that I have been collecting over the years. Especially love the greenhouse table! I bought 2 starter plants yesterday. I’ll TRY to hold off on planting them for a while, because you never know what to expect from this East Coast weather! : )

  3. Those are some really cute ideas!!! I especially like that first one. Another blogger friend of mine has one just like that, that her husband made for her 🙂 🙂 So cute. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

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