“What is it?” #55 – the answer

This week, our vintage item is a leather briefcase. My mother gifted my father with this, inked in gold with his initials, and he  proudly carried it when he was in sales. My brother and I couldn’t part with it after our father passed, but since I love all things old and shabby my brother thought I should have it. Does anyone have a creative repurpose idea for it? I would enjoy seeing it displayed in my home. The inside is not leather, and has not weathered the years as nicely as the outside, so perhaps it would benefit from a lining.

To read this week’s guesses, click here and scroll down. Thanks for playing!

4 thoughts on ““What is it?” #55 – the answer

  1. Oh wow – I gave this EXACT thing to my husband when we first got married, and he was just graduated from business school and starting his career. Gold lettering and all! We don’t have his any more, because he used it until it literally fell apart. So nice that you have your dad’s.

  2. The wall art is a beautiful idea!!! If you have small children, you could keep some of your favorite artwork and crafts that they have created there. I have an old suitcase that I keep memories of vacations and travel related items in. Or maybe keep the incoming (important) mail there, instead of it being tossed everywhere like it is at our house!

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