Operation Write Home: Helping Heroes Keep in Touch with Home

When you’re a deployed service member, you don’t really have the option of ducking into a gift store to purchase a birthday or anniversary card. Operation Write Home helps service members around the world keep in touch with their loved ones. While there is, of course, e-mail, there is nothing like a handwritten note.

So where do you come in? All you have to do is create a handmade card (leaving it blank inside), then send that card to a shipper (a volunteer that sends out the cards). These shippers spend hours logging donations and sorting and shipping cards. The blank cards are then distributed among the soldiers, and they can write their personal message inside and send them home.

The deadline for Mother’s Day cards is March 31st, but if you’re late, just make sure your card says “Love you, Mom” so it can be used beyond the holiday. And make sure to check out the just-launched Muscle Cards Challenge for Dad (due to shippers April 30th).

You also have the option of sending a card or child’s drawing to encourage a deployed military member. These “AnyHero” letters are given out to those who receive little or no mail, and are often displayed so that everyone can share the joy.

Boxes of cards are shipped through every week of the year, so you can join in at any time.

Operation Write Home has served the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, and even forward-deployed Coast Guard. They’ve even sent a custom shipment to a Polish General via an Army contact serving under NATO Command.

As of yesterday, the number of cards sent was 1,542,605.

You can find shipper addresses, card requirements, donation info, and anything else you need to know here.


2 thoughts on “Operation Write Home: Helping Heroes Keep in Touch with Home

  1. This is great! A few years back, a little before Christmas, I fixed a huge box of candy, hand wipes, phone cards, and a few other items. A friend of friend’s brother is over there so I shipped it to him and received a nice note that said he shared things in company and they love them and to thank me. Made my holiday a lot better. Shipping wasn’t as high as I thought it was going to be. We get caught up in our own lives and sometimes forget to say thanks.

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