“What is it?” Wednesday – #56

This week we have a colorful item to share. We figured that a burst of color was perfect for spring!



OK, friends. Please leave us a comment with your guess, and we will share the link to your guesses and reveal the answer to this week’s “What is it?” puzzle this Friday. Happy guessing!

51 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday – #56

  1. I remember holding something like that and pushing the screw part, but I cannot think now what it was. I may be back with the answer. For now, I say that it is a top of something that goes round and round.

  2. I look at your “what is its” every week and try to guess. Usually I have no clue, but knew this one looked so familiar. I knew I had seen it before and after thinking a little bit I remembered. It is a antique toy top! I played with it lot of times when I was little at my grandmothers house!
    Jen M.

  3. A toy top that spins. It has a clear dome and balls are inside spinning around as you push the top down. I remember these when I was young. The top looks just like that.

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