eggs over easy

It’s the last weekend before Easter, the perfect time to wrangle the kiddos and decorate some eggs.

Here are a few quick and fun ideas from our best bunnies at Krylon!

eggs-hibit a


For product information, see sources below.


Indoor/Outdoor Primer in No. 51315 All-Purpose White

Indoor/Outdoor Paint in No. 51513 Gum Drop, No. 51517 Peekaboo Blue, No. 51913 Purple, No. 52102 Raspberry, No. 51914 Rich Plum, No.    53526 Satin Ballet Slipper, No. 53524 Satin Periwinkle

Short Cuts Aerosol Paints in No. SCS039 Hot Pink

Make It Stone! Textured Paint in No. No. 18204 Rose Quartz

H2O Latex in No. 2619 Blue Danube, No. 2604 Caribbean Blue, No. 2607 Pacific Purple, No. 2620 Rhine River Rose

X-Metals in No. 2301 Anodized Blue and No. 2305 Anodized Purple

Faux eggs (plastic, wood, Styrofoam, foam, etc.) in a variety of sizes

1/4” masking tape, colored Kraft paper fillers, egg carton(s), embellishments (craft birds, bows, ribbons, etc.)*, newspaper, painter’s tape, removable dot labels and reinforcers**


**Available through office supply stores.



For product information, see sources below.

            1. Cover work surface with newspapers. Place any non-foam eggs into egg cartons and spray with All-Purpose White. Let dry, then flip eggs over and spray other side.

2. Repeat technique to spray colors on eggs. Note: Only use Latex Paints on Styrofoam eggs. Use removable dot labels and reinforcers to create small dot and circle stencils. For larger dots, use reinforcers and cover holes with small dot labels. Use masking tape to stencil stripes; double up on tape to create varying widths. Use masking and painter’s tapes to mask checkers, or tape a stripe horizontally and another vertically on egg.

3. If using craft bird, spray with a light mist of Gumdrop, and accent wings in Periwinkle.


dazzling eggs


For product information, see sources below.

Paper eggs*


Indoor/Outdoor Primer

Glitter Blast in Citrus Dream, Posh Pink, Sparkling Water, Twilight Sky

Drop cloth, fishing line, masking tape, push pins

*Available through craft stores.



1. Clear work surface of any dirt and dust.

2.Apply a generous coat of each color to eggs and let dry.

3. Take a pushpin and insert into one end of egg. Attach fishing line to pushpin and hang from fishing line.

4. Prime entire surface of each eggs, allow to dry, then apply finishing coats.





(800) 4KRYLON


Both projects submitted courtesy of Krylon.


One thought on “eggs over easy

  1. What fun! Really makes me miss those days when the kids were younger, we had so much fun creating. They are both in college now, but I still set out some of the wooden eggs that they decorated back then!!!

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