“What is it?” #60 – the answer

This week’s game item is a sterling silver baby food pusher. This particular piece even has my grandfather’s teeth marks on it. My grandmother had given one to me when my daughter was learning to eat with utensils. Folks were so much more civilized in the early 1900’s, weren’t they?

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Happy Friday, everyone!


“What is it?” Wednesday #60

We have found ourselves full circle to another “What is it?” puzzle. You know what to do: please leave us a comment with your guess as to the item’s identity, and we will post the answer—and your guesses—this Friday.


From our Bookshelf Giveaway!

You have come to learn that we love to share when we find something we know you will like. Be sure to enter for a chance to win this book!

Passion for Primitives: Folk Décor for Interior Design

By Franklin and Esther Schmidt, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. • http://www.schifferbooks.com

passion for primitives

Primitives are all about simplicity and function. True primitive pieces were ones that were mainly designed to be used, though some were constructed to add a little special touch to a room as well. To those who are in love with them, however, they could most certainly be called “accidental art.”

The authors traveled all over the United States, vising prim homes and photographing the owners’ most prized pieces. In a world where everything is moving so quickly, many are trying hard to simplify, both in lifestyle and in decorating. From double wides to McMansions, anything goes for a prim decorating style. The outside doesn’t matter at all—it really is what’s inside that counts.

An up-to-date kitchen can have a decidedly prim feel with rustic cabinetry and bench seating; a contemporary bathroom can feel historic with a cleverly-designed old-fashioned sink; and a set of bunk beds created with distressed wood and covered in quilts can send a child’s bedroom back in time. And prim decorating can fit any budget; real antiques or recreated pieces will look equally lovely.

Whether you want an all-out 1800’s house or want to simply add a primitive accent to a contemporary home, the beautiful photography and informative chapters will leave you feeling inspired.

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Reduce, reuse, and STILL yet another giveaway!

Well, it’s the last week of our Triple R giveaway (see week 1, week 2, and week 3), but before we show you what you can win this week, we have to announce last week’s winner! Congratulations are in order for…dum dum dum…Dee Abernathy! Hooray, Dee! Send an e-mail to editors@createanddecorate.com to cuh-laim your puh-rize!

To win this week’s prize, just leave a comment on this post saying “Pick Me!” and we’ll randomly select a winner! Easy peasy. Now read on, peeps! And of course, Happy Earth Day!

Getting ready to toss those bottles in the trash? Think again!
For all the keepsakes you treasure – a special photo, a dried flower, concert or theatre tickets, vacation trinkets, cards and letters keep them close at hand and inside this unique Keepsake Bottle. Use this kit in conjunction with the G2 Bottle cutter, to make this one-of-kind memory container from recycled bottles.

Kit Includes: Copper hinge, Copper catch, Studio Pro™ 1/4” Copper foil, E-6000® Adhesive, Wooden craft stick and Instructions.

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Blue Skies Stitchery

We would like to let our readers know that we have recently added patterns for the Blue Skies Ahead project featured in the May/June 2012 issue of Create & Decorate. The project features AccuQuilt dies. Since printing the magazine, permission has been given to use their die shapes as pattern pieces, so now you may cut the pieces (as a pattern) if you do not own the die cutting system. Designer Annelle Holzman is sharing this appliqué project on our website. Click here to hop on over to the PDF of the project, instructions AND pattern pieces! Woohoo!

“What is it?” Wednesday #59

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another “What is it?” puzzle. This week we have a special item that we hope will be fun for you to guess at it’s identity. Our coworker and photographer, Kathleen, took the photos for this week’s game while visiting family in Canada.

Have fun pondering! Please leave us a comment as a guess and stop back in to visit us on Friday to see the item revealed and read the posted guesses.