Reduce, reuse, and STILL yet another giveaway!

Well, it’s the last week of our Triple R giveaway (see week 1, week 2, and week 3), but before we show you what you can win this week, we have to announce last week’s winner! Congratulations are in order for…dum dum dum…Dee Abernathy! Hooray, Dee! Send an e-mail to to cuh-laim your puh-rize!

To win this week’s prize, just leave a comment on this post saying “Pick Me!” and we’ll randomly select a winner! Easy peasy. Now read on, peeps! And of course, Happy Earth Day!

Getting ready to toss those bottles in the trash? Think again!
For all the keepsakes you treasure – a special photo, a dried flower, concert or theatre tickets, vacation trinkets, cards and letters keep them close at hand and inside this unique Keepsake Bottle. Use this kit in conjunction with the G2 Bottle cutter, to make this one-of-kind memory container from recycled bottles.

Kit Includes: Copper hinge, Copper catch, Studio Pro™ 1/4” Copper foil, E-6000® Adhesive, Wooden craft stick and Instructions.

Diamond Tech is on Facebook, too, sharing additional green crafting ideas, mosaics, and more glass inspiration! Click here to “like” their page, and follow the fun. Then, leave us a comment saying “pick me!” to enter for a chance to win today’s kit.

Diamond Tech products are available from your favorite craft retailer or wholesaler throughout the United States.
Our Store Finder will help you find a craft retailer near you.


21 thoughts on “Reduce, reuse, and STILL yet another giveaway!

  1. You could really pick me I have about 5-6 wine bottles looking all empty & alone ,going wish she do something with us,tired sitting around….Thank’s

  2. these bottles are so pretty…what a great idea…always wanted to have a glass cutter for bottles and to be able to drill a hole in a plate.

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